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It’s only been a few hours since my last meal, too few, frankly.  But, when you pass a Mexican food restaurant in a small town that looks like every F150 around is parked in front you make an exception.  Especially when you find that the additional parking in back is packed as well. 

Tres Hermanos is the exact opposite of the elegant Café Vera Cruz where I ate earlier today.  The walls are wallpapered in a pattern meant to convey wood paneling with images ducks landing on lake scenes and whitetails deep in the woods.  It’s actually replicating all the scenes I just saw at Whitney State Park which is just around the corner. 

I order the RIOVERDE which one of the lighter meals I might be able to find.  A beef taco, bean chalupa, and a guacamole tostada.  The guacamole, taco, and salsa were great.   But, the best part of Tres Hermanos was the people watching.  My waiter was extremely good looking in a I’m stuck in this small town brooding youth sort of way.  But, even he wasn’t a draw (thank goodness since I am old enough to be his mother – what a terrible realization) it was the people from this community.  Families.  And, not just parents and kids, but multigenerational dining.  And, lots of it.  It’s just not something that you see in the Dallas restaurant scene. 

Maybe that’s why I like traveling in Texas so much is that you come to places like Tres Hermanos and remember what’s important and why life is worth living. 

Tres Hermanos

800 South Colorado Street
Whitney, TX 76692
(254) 694-8434


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