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Featuring nine locally designed treehouses, this event encourages guests to experience the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s wonderful plant collection and better understand the beneficial aspects of trees. 


$7 adults; $5 seniors, students and active military, retirees and reservists; $4 children


San Antonio Botanical Garden

555 Funston @ New Braunfels Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78209




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My favorite place around the lease for dinner is the Maverick Grill.  My father describes the décor as contemporary rustic.  The walls are pine and corrugated metal, with wood tables branded with Texas stars.  The wait staff is always friendly if not bordering on slightly too busy.  And the food is great.  It’s a blend of Tex Mex and traditional Texas fare of steaks, and burgers.  For some reason, I always abandon all sense of adventure at Maverick and order the same thing every time: iceberg salad with Ranch, medium rare ribeye, and loaded baked potato.  Following tradition, my dad always orders the small chicken fried steak which is massive.  There is a large version, although I have never actually seen it ordered.  I can only imagine the plate that that 16 oz. monster goes on!  If I could break away and mix it up it would be for the macaroni and cheese or the banana pudding which look delicious.


Maverick Grill is a simple place with simple food.  And, that’s what makes it constantly packed with local folks enjoying good food and company.


Maverick Grill

6671 US Highway 181 N

Floresville, TX 78114

(830) 216-2712

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Unfortunately, I realized too late that we could have scored by attending the Cuero Gobblers game the night before.  Get some Gobbler spirit.!  However, I was resolved to make the most of my time in the town.  Below are a few items of interest:


St. Mark’s Lutheran Church – As I walked down the street I noticed there was a beautiful white Spanish style church on the opposite corner.  Then I saw there was a historical maker in front and decided to walk over to investigate since that was the whole point of this walkabout.  I will say I tend to stay away from hysterical markers, and churches for that matter.  However, this one struck my fancy and reading the marker paid off.  It told about the relocation of Lutherans from Indianola to Cuero after the two great storms of the 1800’s. And, the eventual development of this church where they hung the copper bell from its original Indianola home.  This was especially fascinating to me since I grew up a few miles from Indianola and was raised on stories of the great storms and Indianola’s near miss with fame, fortune, and luxury only to be replaced by Galveston after everyone gave up hope (and relocated to Cuero apparently!) For more information on the town of Indianola visit www.indianolatx.com (homegrown) or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indianola,_Texas (just the facts ma’am).  For more information on the story of the bell check out the History section of the site below.


St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

400 N. Esplanade

Cuero, Texas 77954

(361) 275-2845



Wagner Hardware & Machinery – I love old family run hardware stores!  It takes me back to the times I used to accompany my dad and grandfather to our local hardware store, Melchers, as a child.  Because of this I have pretty high standards for this type of retail establishment and I will say I was not let down at all.  There was a great mix of functional hardware shopping, mixed with the character of the old store’s (est. 1949) interior design, and a sampling of new fangled fun stuff for girls to look at.  Like oil cloth for $8 a yard (think red and white checked picnic table cloth but in new, fun colors).  And, a great collection of birdhouses of different shapes and styles.  I will definitely stop here again when I have more time.


Wagner Hardware & Machinery

110 N. Esplanade St.

Cuero, Texas 77954

(361) 275-5134

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Having gotten completely refocused on holiday fun we headed down to the road to our final destination.  But alas, once again we were taught that life has a mind of its own.  And, shortly found ourselves headed into Cuero with a stream of white smoke coming out of the Bronco.  We pulled into the first place available and looked under the car to find black fluid spilling out.  After many conversations I will spare you from, it was decided that we would find a hotel in Cuero to spend the night and await my father’s arrival with a trailer the next morning.   Contacting both hotels in town we realized our last hope for pet friendly lodging was the large pink motel directly across the street.  The Wildflower Inn & RV Park.  Now keep an open mind!  The lap of luxury, pinnacle of interior design, or winner of the white glove test probably not.  But then frankly, my own home wouldn’t pass that muster. 


Friendly, funky, and with plenty of stories to tell was the Wildflower Inn.  Our hosts, who have owned the motel for year and half were thrilled to tell us that our room had a 33” plasma.  Perhaps the only item in the room that was purchased in this decade.  The brown wood paneling, brown/purple and gold comforters, and single framed picture of a holly hobby-esque girl feeding ducks with country blue trim let’s just say seemed from a different era (actually, multiple eras.) 


However, the AC worked like a charm.  The 60-cent cokes and filled to the brim ice machine combined with the travel vodka made the experience better.  And, the small motel pool hosting a group of guests enjoying the night air and singing “If I said you had a beautiful body (would you hold it against me)” put it over the top.  And from a dog’s perspective, the back 40 behind the hotel occupied by a few RV’s and a huge grass lot was the icing on the cake. 


We spent much of the evening discussing which our friends would understand the charm of this probably often overlooked “treasure”.  The old school film crews, the more accepting country crazies versus the more tightly controlled Dallasites we know and love.


But what sealed the deal for our future patronage if we ever find ourselves needing lodging in Cuero occurred the next morning.  As we struggled to get the Bronco (which was two running boards too wide to fit) onto my father’s trailer, the proprietor came out to explain to me the dynamics of triple A.  However, he was promptly sold on our way of thinking as my dad explained that he was triple D for DAD while throwing two snarled pieces of metal (formerly known as running boards) into the back of his pickup truck.   Our host of Middle Eastern decent was so pleased with our redneck ways he promptly fetched up some fresh orange juice for the family to enjoy before checking out.  Southern hospitality and all!


Wildflower Inn & RV Park

2117 Esplanade St.

Cuero, TX 77954

Phone: (361) 275-3437


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