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The first thing I noticed was large type on the front window stating “Purveyors of Pork” which immediately made me happy.  Shamelessly I love pork.  Sorry Annette (my Jewish grandmother) but I am glee-fully headed in.

The next thing I noticed was that I was in Austin.  Anyone who has ever been to Austin knows exactly what this means in terms of atmosphere.  If you haven’t been there, git ‘er done.

Artisan sausages.  We had the Texas Boomerang (kangaroo, venison, and pork sausage with grilled jalapeno cream cheese, pico, fried shallots, and cojita on a Sweetish Hill bun) and Pig Whiskers (House made wild boar, pork, bacon, serrano pepper sausage topped with fried catfish, sweet potato mustard, and white american cheese).  Crispy waffle fries with various dipping sauces (bacon ranch, Franks sauce, buffalo, horseradish).  And, a bacon chocolate chip cookie.  Shameless.

There was one indulgence that  I passed up that was oh so tempting: Red Headed Stranger (House-made bacon infused Dripping Springs Vodka, Frank bloody mary mix, bacon, and cheddar cheese).  Hmmm.

Finally, there was a store/gift shop with vintage type candies, great cookbooks, and locally made crafts.  Something for everyone in there.

Bottom line: super interesting and fun concept, menu, and food. 

Breakfast: Mon-Sat 8 to 11 am

Lunch and Dinner: Mon-Sat 11 am – 10pm

Late Night: Thur – Sat 10 pm – 2 am

407 Colorado St.

Austin, TX 78701



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