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I have missed my blog in the last year.  Somehow life just took over.  Mainly work life took over.  I got bitten by ambition and have pretty much given up most of my loves for the last 12 months as a trade off for ruling the world.  Well, pretending to rule my world.  The trade-off among other things has been travel.  

However, there have been some places that are worth mentioning.  St. Claire’s Cabin in Vanderpool.  Adobe at Yellowhouse in Slaton.  Mac and Ernies in Tarpley.  Taco Joint and Best Fabrics in Dallas.  I hope to get back to all of these places.  So look for write-ups soon.


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When most people hear of the going to the Big House it conjures up unpleasant visuals of prison life.  But in our family, it’s the name of the trailer brought back from neglect to be central lodging at the lease.  According to my father, the Big House is the location that a South Texas ranch is managed from.  So after rejecting the original proposed name, a nod to Harry Potter, Slytherin House due to the potential uncomfortable reality of that name, they settled on the Big House. 


Now for me the Big House has taken some getting used to.  And in tradition of me screaming about something, no one was let down during my River Dance routine upon discovery of a preying mantis nestled between my breasts the first night.


However, the next morning I arose refreshed to the sound of shotguns, and headed out to the Milo field in front of the trailer to watch the morning dove hunt.  I am always overcome with how much I love South Texas.  It’s my true home.  And, watching the favorite men in life and the rising sun was a perfect start to the day. 


Unfortunately Grampa wasn’t feeling well and had to leave early, but left us with the challenge that he had the best shot ratio of the morning – one shot and one bird. 


With this in mind, I headed out with my father that evening.  I haven’t hunted since childhood and am not that excited about firearms despite the fact that I grew up with them.  However, I do like to cook.  So with visions of a grand dinner party dancing in my head, I grabbed Dude, my lab, and set forth.  After thousands of dollars of field trial training followed by years of bird dog neglect, Dude was finally headed out for his first hunt.  This consisted of him running in circles like a maniac, panting like a 5th grade prank caller, and staring at me with great expectations.  Needless to say, he was disappointed.  Let’s just say that if my shot to bird ratio was a high school football season even the perkiest cheerleader would be smokin’ behind the bleachers.  


However, I returned back to the Big House to find a feral hog on top of the ATV.  It was time for our first foray into hog slaughter.  As sometimes happens in my life, just about when I am about to step in shit or in this case request to take over and stick a knife in it, I get distracted by something equally hair brained.  So, as Dad finished removing the backstrap I headed off to try to take a picture of the family of skunks that were out for an evening stroll.  Luckily, I managed to escape both of these adventures still smelling like a rose.  Well, actually like someone who had been living in the Big House for two days.


The rest of the weekend was spent hunting and doing other various chores about the lease.  With my highlights being picking a dozen prickly pears and choosing the mold for the 56” rattlesnake that my dad agreed to taxidermy for me.


While I may have no dove my next dinner party adventure will consist of chicken fried rattlesnake, champagne backstrap, and prickly pear margaritas.  Ya’ll come back now.


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